Whole melt carts real or fake ?

Whole melt carts real or fake

Whole Melt Carts: Real or Fake?

Looking for the difference between whole melt carts real or fake ? . This post is meant to provide you quality content on the Whole melt disposables real or fake you can easily find the differences below : 

  • Firstly you would definitely realize that the fake whole melt extract carts have not been posted on the whole melt extracts pages on instagram you can check our instagram page to see the real disposables 


  • Secondly the carts have very low puffs and do not last for long you can easily notcice that on the fake whole melt vapes and products 


  • Thirdly you would realise that the carts are poorly packaged and have a faded like color  you may also notice some mis spelling on the parcels which should be a red flag 

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